Senior Interactive Designer

You are creative, empathetic and you’ve got a passion for good design. You love good typography, white space, and full color bleeds. You’re digital native, you understand design on screens as small as a watch and as large as a TV, but you’re also familiar with paper.

Your portfolio is spectacular, and you can explain in detail why your design is great. You’re able to work independently, but you understand that the best design happens when you collaborate in a team.

You hate the phrase “Make it pop”, but you know how to do it anyway.

Our development team relies heavily on our designers to create cutting edge products, and build consistent user experiences that adhere to best usability practices, while meeting business goals.

We are looking for someone who will foster a creative environment and assist in brainstorming activities by providing scribing and summarizing on whiteboards and paper to quickly plan, prototype, test, learn, and repeat the process to quickly and iteratively come up with innovative solutions.

The senior designer will think with their eyes and visualize with their hands, draw on their experience and knowledge of UI and UX paradigms to build user interfaces that get used by our members.

This individual will work with a strong team of interactive designers, and developers, and will report in to the Manager of Application Development. The design team serves as the creative group for all of Info-Tech’s products and properties.

How do I apply?

I suggest that you read this whole posting and make sure that it fits you, then send your resume, a portfolio, and anything else awesome to:

Job Functions

The Senior Interactive Designer role at Info-Tech is primarily dedicated to the creation and support of interactive web pages.

  • Lead brainstorming sessions that translate business objectives into creative solutions, which will include whiteboard mockups, wireframes, paper prototypes, Photoshop mockups, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and integration with code.
  • See projects from conception to sign-off
  • Understand and develop brand and brand standards
  • Create functional and beautiful graphical user experiences for software products
  • Develop creative on all levels with an understanding of a variety of platforms
  • Lead in the creation of info-graphics that translate complex concepts into easy to consume graphical stories.
  • Mentor junior and intermediate developers, give direction and share experience with the entire team to create a stronger, and more cohesive group.

Key Requirements

Please note; You must include a portfolio link which contains interactive work in order to be considered for this position.

  • Strong creative facilitation skills to brainstorm and prototype ideas in meetings
  • Strong Graphic Design and User Interface design skills with a portfolio to show your work
  • Intimate understanding of brand guidelines, usability and accessibility, and deep understanding of User Experience (UX)
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python
  • An understanding of either video production or print design is also an asset.
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Expert level skills in the Adobe suite of products
  • Great design sense and design skills
  • An amazing portfolio of past accomplishments that show creativity, flexibility, and a willingness to embrace future trends
  • College diploma or university degree in the field of graphic design, multimedia design or equivalent work experience.

Personal Attributes

  • Efficient, organized, and follow through on commitments.
  • Intelligent, have great analytical skills, and pay attention to detail.
  • Calm under pressure, have a great work ethic, and communicate well
  • Push for excellence and do not accept the mundane.
  • Urge for a higher standard. Be proactive.
  • Be open to new ideas and personal feedback.
  • Be willing to try new things. Fail and learn from your failures.

How to Get Noticed

Now that we have your attention, how do you get ours?

  • A resume and cover letter is a good start, but we’re very interested in seeing real world examples of your work.
  • Include your GitHub, Bit Bucket, Stack Overflow, or Google Code profile with a description of any open source projects you’ve worked on.
  • Include links to presentations you’ve given.
  • You must include a portfolio link, which contains interactive work in order to be considered for this position.

What kind of team would you expect to work in?

We are a team of unicorns. We design, we develop, and we are as comfortable doing front-end design as we are creating info-graphics or building amazing reports. We have a passion for good, clean code, and we love great design as much!

Passionate, creative, driven, we never stand still and are always looking at new innovative ideas, we are not afraid of change and you shouldn’t be either so adaptability and flexibility are a must. We are a team that will push, explore ideas, and challenge each other regularly so that we are always driving forward rather than settling for the status quo.

Company Information

We are The Info-Tech Research Group.

We’re an exciting, dynamic company with cool project that values your voice and wants to hear your insights on company direction.

Here at Info-Tech we take pride in our work hard, play hard mentality; with the typical accoutrements like pinball tables, Foosball, Ping Pong tables and of course massage chairs. We also care about our local community and sponsor a wealth of large and small national and local charities.

  • We care about the mind-body-spirit wellness of our employees too, and offer perks like:
  • Workplace yoga and wellness sessions, courtesy of a private instructor
  • Treadmill Working stations and ergonomic chairs
  • Generous professional development options (PLUS a company bag to carry all your books in)
  • Team-building fun time, including Fun Days, talent shows, scavenger hunts and our annual celebrations (adults and kids Christmas and summer parties)
  • Dress down day’s casual weeks and fancy dress
  • Summer working hours and vacation days

Where are we hiring for?

We have positions in both London and Toronto

Now do you want to apply?

I thought you might, send your resume, your portfolio, and anything else that you think will knock my socks off to