We’re looking for great minds to join our amazing team of unicorns.

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We are passionate, creative, driven, we never stand still and are always looking at new innovative ideas, we are not afraid of change and you shouldn’t be either so adaptability and flexibility are a must. We are a team that will push, explore ideas, and challenge each other regularly so that we are always driving forward rather than settling for the status quo.

We value “T-Shaped” individuals, that is people who have a broad breadth of expertise, and a specific depth in one area.  We value generalists who have a specialty.

We hire unicorns, those rare beasts who are multi disciplined.  We value developers who understand what makes an amazing user experience and designers who think digitally first. You know you’re rare, and you don’t often see many of your kind.

We are here, we’re your tribe, and we’re waiting for you.

Our Open Positions:

What do we do?

We’re changing the face of research, and we are dedicated to creating better research than anybody.  We build and maintain the Info-Tech website, the McLean and Company website, and a variety of interactive applications that help our members go from “I Think” to “I Know”.

Our designers develop interactive experiences, print, and multimedia.  We work iteratively to create the best possible product for our members.

Our developers build a variety of interfaces, from responsive websites to interactive PDF reports.  We work in Ruby on Rails, and use the best possible tools to create awesome experiences.

Company Information

We are The Info-Tech Research Group.

We’re an exciting, dynamic company with cool project that values your voice and wants to hear your insights on company direction.

Here at Info-Tech we pride ourselves on a work hard, play hard mentality; with the typical accoutrements like pinball tables, Foosball, Ping Pong tables and of course massage chairs. We also care about our local community and sponsor a wealth of large and small national and local charities. ?

We care about the mind-body-spirit wellness of our employees too, and offer perks like:

  • Workplace yoga and wellness sessions, courtesy of a private instructor
  • Treadmill Working stations and ergonomic chairs
  • Generous professional development options (PLUS a company bag to carry all your books in)
  • Team-building fun time, including Fun Days, talent shows, scavenger hunts and our annual celebrations (adults and kids Christmas and summer parties)
  • Dress down day’s casual weeks and fancy dress
  • Summer working hours and vacation days