The IT Person of the Month (or ITPOTM) initiative is intended to let us recognize people in the department who go above and beyond by working outside their role, to help others, to better the company or department, or people who epitomize InfoTech’s core values and are inspirations for others. People who deserve recognition.
Each month, we have 5 nominees from within the department, broken down across function.

  • Infrastructure and Support
  • Application Development/Designers – 2 nominations
  • Managers

Nominations come from our IT staff – although we do take the odd nomination from outside of our group, the primary purpose of ITPOTM is to recognize and reward peer contributions. We’ve varied the process a bit from time to time, but basically you can nominate anyone, or even several anyones. But, you need a story. Why is this person getting your kind words and support? What have they done to deserve your precious recognition? It is this compelling story that will make a finalist into a winner. If for some reason you’d like your words to be anonymous, tell you manager, and they will strip your name off of your nomination before sharing it with the team.

Once the all of nominations are in, you need to do a bit more work: each group looks at all the nominations it receives for people in that group and selects a finalist (or 2 for AppDev/Design). Congrats! With a finalist selected, you’ve done your part and can rest.

All of the finalist names go to the management team and they select the IT Person Of The Month, who is announced with great fanfare at the department meeting. At that meeting, all of the stories for each nominee will be read out loud, preferably by the person who wrote the story, but they are published without names, and if no one speaks up to read the story (that is, you wish to remain anonymous, or are really shy), we will read it or find a volunteer.

Outside of the praise and adulation of the entire InfoTech IT department and 30 days of bragging rights, what’s in it for the nominees? Each finalist gets to go for a “CIO Roundtable” lunch with William, our VP of IT, and the ITPoTM winner receives a shiny new Something (each finalists selects their potential Something when they are selected as a finalist).

That’s how it works. Feel free to start nominating.

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